Our Mission

To inspire every pole dancer in the world with cutting edge design and excellent customer service.

Our three promises:

1. We offer a 1-year guarantee on all our clothes. If it breaks, discolors, or if your fit changes, simply file a warranty claim & send it back to us for a replacement - no questions asked. Quality clothing should come with customer service that brings you peace of mind. Should your clothing fail you in any way, or if recent life changes such as a pregnancy or weight loss demand a different size, we want to help you continue dancing.* 

2. We'll donate 5% of all sales proceeds to the United Nations. As industry veterans and as pole dancers, we understand the impact that the fashion industry has on our environment as well as the continued need to empower women around the world. We believe that the United Nations is an organization that represents our values. For every item you purchase, we'll donate 5% to someone in need. Win win!

3. We provide customer service that puts you first. At RIOT, we believe in selling high quality clothing at reasonable prices and treating our customers like human beings. That means we don't sell your data to third parties, we own up to the mistakes we make, and we try to act in a respectful way at all times. 

* We charge a nominal service fee to prevent abuse. To begin a warranty claim, please click here